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I am so grateful to Luna Flex makers, my torn cartilage in the right knee has improved tremendously.I never believed that total collagen would be absorbed and utilized in any area that the body needed it; but apparently it is. After 4 years of pain and dysfunction I now walk and go up and dow stairs with not much problem. The Company is a bit pushy but the product is fantastic. I will probably be on it for a long time. You need to be on it for a...
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Northstar Nutritionals Luna Flex Pm Review from Weslaco, Texas
Luna Flex Pm has completely healed my torn Miniscus and did it within 3 months.I also notice I wake up refresh and no stiff joints.I am 64 and play club golf 5 days a week.I would encourage you to try the product and you will see what I am talking about.Tim
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Anonymous My name is Austin-John Luckhoff from Namibia In Africa,I order for some 3 years now,I recieve on a Dayly basis mail from Northstar Nutitions ,today I learn that there is no c...